GPS will be More Accurate in Some Smartphones Next Year

Smartphone’s GPS accuracy will greatly improve by the next year, as Broadcom is starting to manufacture a mass-market GPS chip that will adapt advantage of new global navigation satellite signals.

Current GPS have a range of three to five meters, or up to 16 feet away. The new chip can discover an accuracy of the device to within 30 centimeters or just under one foot.

GPS will add more utilization of smartphones, including ride-hailing services such as Uber, navigation apps such as Waze, and games such as Pokemon GO. These apps will run more efficiently with more accurate signals.

A latest GPS satellite broadcast will provide the improvement in the accuracy by giving additional information to your smartphone and that will be used to refine your position. Broadcom announced that there are now 30 satellites that support new technology and it will launch them on the next year at the right moment.

Broadcom stated the new GPS tech is very beneficial for peoples living in the big cities, because it will reduce the issues of interference occurred due to the big buildings. It will require just half of the power as compared to the current GPS chips’ energy requirement.    GPS is usually less accurate in dense urban locations, so people will see the biggest advantage from this new generation of chips.

It’s not clear that which devices will be allowed for using this GPS chip next year. In GPS chip Qualcomm is the biggest name and it supplies a majority of GPS chips for phones including iPhone in the market. So we’ll have to wait to see the improvement in common phones.

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