Google and Levi’s together launching a Smart Jacket- “Jacquard”

Whether you’re doing any work of juggling a cup of coffee, it’s sometimes difficult to pick up the phone, unlock it and answer an incoming call, read a message or close a music track.

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group developed a new smart jacket called Jacquard.  It is a connected clothing platform that lets fashion designers and clothing industrialists integrate connectivity into clothes. Today the company is launching the new product and it will be available for purchase on Wednesday for $350.

Google says that the new Levi’s Commuter Trucker jacket will allow you to do some things like reading incoming messages, starting or stopping the music, or reading incoming text messages by swiping or tapping on the jacket’s sleeve.

The gesture-sensing sensors are entwined into the jacket’s cuff, and are wirelessly connected to your smartphone through electronics planted inside the sleeve in a flexible snap tag. The gestures such as receiving updates on calls or texts, getting your ETA or next directions are configured through the mobile app, so the jacket is customizable. Through the jacket is developed by the Google, it works on iOS or Android devices.

The company is now focusing on Levi’s launch and declined to comment about the future plans.

A Google spokesperson said, “We’ll learn a lot form this launch, and that’s what we’re most excited about right now.” “What’s next is right now, we’re going to listen to listen to feedback. From those learnings, we have the opportunity to evolve abilities within the jacket since Jacquard is a platform and to consider the next version of the jacket, or other items.”

The Jacket will be available in selected shops on Wednesday including Kinfolk, Brooklyn, NY, and Fred Segal in West Hollywood, Concepts and CA in Boston.


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