YouTube is Rolling out a New Tool to let Advertisers Create Multiple Ad Variations

YouTube is updating a new tool, called Director Mix, which will help marketers to easily churn out hundreds, if not thousands of variations of video ads. It is rolling out new quick ways to cut up and serve ads.

The company found through the research that people who watch online video ads are more likely to focus than TV ads.

YouTube is planning to assure advertisers that relevant ads that are made for the viewer’s profile will have a huge impact on consumers.

Many big advertisers use the TV ads for the web without any alteration because they don’t have the ability or wherewithal to start a few hundred or even a few thousand ad varieties.

So, YouTube is offering a heavy lifting as it has built Director Mix tool. Vice president of agency and media solutions at Google, Tara Walpert said that the tool will allow a marketer post multiple ads like different variations of commercial video footage, voiceovers, copy variations, and a tool will make thousands of ads automatically.

To roll out this tool, Google is allowing advertisers to use Google data to identify the most interested consumers. Now, advertisers can use Google data form other parts of the web.

The brands creating multiple variations of the ad can use Google’s data and tools to deliberately order different ads. For example, the advertisers can show a user three different ads in a sequence to present entire story.

Levy said, “we’re leaning into our success with these tactics, and expanding the range of signals brands can use, make its ads more customized.”

The brands can now measure how their online activity is driving their sales through Datalogix and it will help them to understand the actual working their marketing programs, according to Levy.


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