Trump Announced Expanded the Travel Ban with Some New Restriction against 8 Countries

The Trump administration is expanding travel ban as they announced new travel restrictions on visitors from eight countries on Sunday. President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban is targeting countries including, Korea, Chad, North, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Syria and Venezuela. It is an expansion that has prompted aggressive legal debates over discrimination, security, and immigration.

The move arrives on the day, the main part of travel ban of President Trump, on which blocks the issuance of visas to citizens of countries, was due to expire.

At the Supreme Court, two groups that are challenging the previous version of the policy claimed that they still see the new restrictions as targeting Muslims. The new policy has updated with the addition of two countries with few Muslims and banned everyone from North Korea and Venezuela’s some government officials.

Trump announced the ban on Muslims saying that they are entering the country and later he said that he would focus on “territories” and says the new restrictions is not targeting a specific religion. The current ban was approved in March and the new restrictions came into effect on Oct. 18.

Trump announced changes in the policy and said, “As president, I must act to protect the security and interests of the United States and its people.” “Making America Safe is my number one priority. We will admit those into our country we cannot safely wet,” he added.

Several federal courts blocked the ban, but the U.S. Supreme Court passed it to take effect from June with some new changes.


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