Nest’s Home Security System Comes with a New Camera and Wireless Alarm System

Nest wants to be a security company now as the company is very serious about home security and producing a new product called Nest Secure.

Nest announced today at a hardware event in San Francisco, Nest introduced several new products that are designed to focus on home security. The company has revealed two new cameras, the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor and Nest Hello as well as a multi device home alarm system called Nest Guard which makes a loud noise.

The Nest Guard is a small, hockey puck-shaped device with a keypad located on the top view. You can place the device indoor facing your front door and it will communicate with smaller devices of your home called Nest Detects. If anyone enters the house and doesn’t disarm the Nest Secure system, the alarm makes a loud sound by triggering. At every action the system sends alerts to your phone.

The Nest Guard performs as a central hub, which contains a motion sensor. You can connect it to your home network over Wi-Fi, and can communicate with Nest’s mobile app.

When you’re leaving the home you can arm it by telling your Nest app and when you are returned to the home you can disarm it by entering the key code on the Guard or through the app. You can also turn it off through NFC using one of two added key gobs called Nest Tags.

The company will sell the total secure system in one combo for $499 which will include the Guard, two Detects, and two Tags. The company will start selling in the US from November Canada and Europe is coming next year.

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