Hepatitis Outbreak Plaguing Los Angeles

On Tuesday, public health authorities announced an outbreak of the highly infectious liver disease hepatitis A plaguing Los Angeles Country and this is the third California region facing the infections this year.

Health officials reported the hepatitis A outbreak to the country Board of Supervisors, which requested a briefing to the presence of LA to San Diego, which has already taken the 16 individuals’ lives and two deaths are under investigation.

Department Director Barbara Ferrer told the board, “We’ve met the definition for an outbreak,” “As of this morning we’ve confirmed that we have two community acquired cases.” Of the other cases, four are from San Diego and one is form Santa Cruz while in a health care facility in Los Angeles Country three secondary cases occurred.

However, the people who were homeless or used illicit drugs are infected in the outbreaks while several people who provided services to the homeless have also got infected.

“Vaccination is the best protection against hepatitis A,” Dr. Jeffrey Gunzenhauser, Los Angeles Country Interim Health Officer said. Free vaccines are offered by outreach team and clinics to the homeless, active drug users and other people.

They are focusing on the homeless as they are at high risk for infection due to the poor sanitation. Around 59,000 homeless people were identified in the populous country of the nation.

Ferrer said, “The safest thing you can do if you work with a high-risk population or if you are worried, is to get vaccinated.”

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