The Servers of Destiny and Destiny 2 are under Maintenance

“Destiny 2” is one of the biggest and blockbuster game of the year and it’s available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game launched on September 9, and millions of people are already enjoying it.

The American video game developer company, Bungie announced that it has completed the maintenance of the Destiny servers and placed them back online as of 9:16 a.m. PT.

Destiny 2v1.0.1.3 is now available and the 52.17 MB patch on the PlayStation 4 is marked as v1.04 in the console’s dashboard. The company has fixed a number of known issues related to the game.

Players who didn’t get quest reward of Man O’ War as their inventory was full can now take the linear fusion rifle from Asher Mir and that bug has fixed. In Destiny 2’s Nightfall strike, Prism modifier’s current element will be displayed on the screen. The Mediation issue with patch has fixed. The inappropriate artwork from Destiny 2 is now removed with v1.0.1.3 update.

Currently, the servers of both Destiny and Destiny 2 are at offline mode for maintenance, according to the Bungie’s support site. The maintenance began at 7 a.m. PT and the window was closed for the players. After removing all online players form the Destiny Bungie started the maintenance.  And now bring both games’ servers back online by 11 a.m. PT.

On last Tuesday, Bungie even apologized for the inappropriate presence in Destiny 2’s design. After completing today’s server maintenance, the patch with version of Destiny 2 will be available.



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