“Pi”- A New Wireless Charging Technology

Heads up Apple fans, finally Apple is releasing phones with wireless charging as the iPhone picking it up as a feature. It is very painful to use the device when they’re being charged via pad and you either need a pad for charging every device or one ginormous pad for all devices.

A new charging technology called Pi is planning to offer a wireless charging and it is developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduates.

The company said that Pi is the first ever product of wireless charging to make it to market. It will come in the lampshade or cone-shaped base station.  You can move it on any area like a kitchen counter or a bedside table. You can charge your device through putting it next to the Pi,

Macdonald and Shi who are the graduated student form the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, showed that you can also place the phone within a foot of the Pi and it can charge multiple devices at one time. You can also move your device in any direction around the Pi, and in different orientations. The technology is available for iPhones, Galaxy phones and even a large pad, but it requires an appropriate charging case. It allows you to charge up to four phones at full speed and it will slow down if you add more phones.

Now, Macdonald and his business partner Shi are planning to sell Pi charger as a standalone product and they are discussing with their partners to bring this technology for other devices.

Macdonald promises that the cost of the device will be under $200 when shipping will start and you can also visit company’s website to book your own Pi. The first 314 customers will get a $50 discount code.


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