Is Apple’s Face ID A Secure Password?

Apple’s new smartphone iPhone X is extremely expensive and it starts at $999(or $1331 in the UK). Notably, iPhone X authenticates your identity with ‘Face ID’ as it doesn’t contain a ‘Touch ID’ fingerprint authentication system. Face ID is used to unlock the phone and to make authorize payments.

It is obvious that Apple users are expecting better security with a new system and Apple’s website stated that ‘your face is your secure password.’

With biometric security, it is impossible for thief to steal your phone because it’s secure and it is a measurable biological characteristic. Your phone is valuable so secure authentication feature is very necessary ,not only in terms of cost, but because it holds  important data like private messages, photos and email addresses.

Michigan State University’s Professor, Anil Jain says, “There’s no need for a passcode, you just put your finger or face in front of the mobile phone and it will unlock it.” Biometric security is very easy and simple to use as it is very popular.

CEO Tim Cook said on Apple’s recent event that iPhone “revolutionized security and privacy with Touch ID.” Phil Schiller, the marketing chief added, “Touch ID became the gold standard in consumer device biometric protection.” “Face ID is the future of how we will lock our smartphones and protect our sensitive information.”

The company track record is suggesting that Face ID will work efficiently. The question is whether this new Face ID authentication works best for iPhone X users.


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