Motorola will launch its new Android One Smartphone in India Soon

On Wednesday Lenovo-owned Motorola confirmed that it is planning to launch a dual camera smartphone in India in the forthcoming days. Though, the company has not revealed the name of the smartphone but according the sources it is going to be Moto X4. Initially the smartphone was launched at the Berlin’s IFA 2017 event last month. The company has released a teaser on its Twitter account.

The company officially confirmed that the new phone will come with dual cameras. The new smartphone could either be the base variant of the Moto X4, or could be the Moto X4’s Android One edition.

Currently, Motorola is working on the Android One edition of the Moto X4 and the company is launching its first Moto Phone with Android One, according to the rumors,

The specs and design of Moto X4 Android One Phone will be the same as the original Moto X4. The key difference will be that the Moto X4 Android One Phone will carry a pure Android experience. There will be a price difference between Android One edition and the original Moto X4. The price of Android One Motorola device will come between $200 and $300, which roughly converts to Rs 12,700 to Rs 19,000.

The new Moto X4 will have a 5.20-inch display with 1080p resolution and a metal and glass design. The display is covered with a Gorilla Glass 4 layer on top. The front camera will have an 8-megapixel sensor and the back camera will come with 12-megapixel sensor. The smartphone coupled with 3 gigs of RAM and 32GB of internal storage and supports expandable microSD card.

Another important feature of the Moto X4 is that it supports Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, therefore we can use it in hand-free mode. Even if the device is locked, the Moto X4 will respond to Amazon’s Alexa.



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