Expressive Writing can help You Unload the Stress- Study Finds

Human brain runs with plenty of thoughts including emotions and assumptions about experiences that may or may not ever come into existence.  As a human, many of us accept this concern or worry about future events as a necessary part of life.

Surprisingly, researchers have revealed a new study which can help us to reduce this unnecessary pressure. According to the new study, jotting down your feelings can help you perform an upcoming anxious task more effectively. The study has found that you can beat the stressful situations or mental stress through writing your feelings. The study suggests benefits of expressive writing with first neural evidence. Expressive writing can help improve our immune system.

Fort the study, the researchers identified the incurably stressful college students and measured their response accuracy and reactions timing though a computer-based “flanker task.”

Before the task, half of the participants wrote their feelings and thoughts about the task for eight minutes and other participants wrote what they did the day before.

The study examined the brain activity of participants that raveled that the speed and accuracy performance level of both team was same.  However, the expressive-writing group preformed the flanker task more effectively because they used fewer brain resources which were measured with electroencephalography (EEF).

Associate Professor at Michigan State University (MSU), Jason Moser said, “Expressive writing makes the mind work less hard on upcoming stressful tasks, which is what worriers often get burned out over, their worries minds harder and hotter.”

Expressive writing will help to gain the opportunity to expand into the space of awareness. You can spend just five minutes a day in expressive writing and it can unload your forthcoming stress

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