Nestle and Blue Bottle Coffee Announced a New Deal

Today, Nestle has announced that is has acquired a majority stake in high-end coffee brand Blue Bottle Coffee. The Blue Bottle Coffee is a roaster and retailer headquartered in Oakland, California and United States. The Swiss food and drink company is acquiring 68% of Blue Bottle with $425 million.

The Blue Bottle Coffee has about 40 locations in Los Angeles, Washington, San Francisco, D.C., and Tokyo. It serves coffee with freshly roasted beans, pour-over preparation and various sourcing options to die-hard coffee fans. The company is also selling bean coffee online through subscription packages.

Blue Bottle Coffee has obtained an iconic status in the independent coffee world. It serves one of the most standard and tasteful coffees with freshness and sustainability.

Blue Bottle Coffee will continue to work in a coffee world with the highest rank and it will have full access to Nestlé’s well-recognized capabilities in coffee and its strong global consumer reach.

James Freeman, Founder of Blue Bottle Coffee, started as a professional clarinetist. And when he lost his music-based job, he started his career in Coffee industry as he always loved coffee.

“My goal as CEO has been to secure a sustainable future for Blue Bottle Coffee that would enable it to flourish for many years to come. I’m excited to work with Nestlé to take a long-term approach to becoming a global leader in specialty coffee. We felt a real kinship with the team and knew it was the right move for us.” Said by Blue Bottle Coffee CEO Bryan Meehan.

Nestle is known as world’s biggest coffee producer and now it is joining the Blue Bottle Coffee to expanding its coffee business in the United States.

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