Tesla will reveal its Electric Semi-Truck on October 26th

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, will reveal the Model 3 electric car on October 26 in Hawthorne, California. Hawthorne is a home for Tesla’s vehicle design studio and Musk’s rocket company SpaceX. Musk said that next month, Tesla will unveil the biggest electric vehicle at suburban Los Angeles.

Musk has been planning to reveal the Tesla’s heavy truck for more than a year, but he never said anything about the pulling ability and range per charge of the vehicle. Class 8 semi-trucks can pull up to 80,000 pounds with the weight of the truck cabin. Diesel powered trucks with long-range and dual fuel tanks can go up to 500 miles or more.

The company is moving forward as it enhances the production of Mode 3, its newest electric car and it has a base price of $35,000.

Responses have blended by the established players in the industry as Tesla had jumped into the truck business. A leading maker of diesel and natural gas engines for commercial trucks, Cummins, revealed a Class 7 heavy-duty truck cab with 140 kWh battery pack. And it is going to sell it in 2019 to bus operators and commercial truck-fleets.

Toyota also started testing a Class 8 truck powered by hydrogen fuel cells and that was pulling cargo around the Port of Los Angeles.

So, Musk is going to face tough competition with both large-scale manufacturers and other new entries that are planning to enter the heavy-duty electric market. People have to wait for next month to see what Tesla and Musk will show.

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