NASA’s Live Footage Captured Three UFOs near International Space Station

A YouTube video has captured the UFOs near International Space Station believing that as signs of the presence of aliens. The YouTube video is going viral on the Internet showing the three UFOs.

A teenager captured that video in his smartphone when they were flying in the sky. Though these kinds of riddles are now common for all but this time the scientists are considering the UDO glimpse as a serious case because it has directly come from the ISS’s live footage of earth.

Recently, in live footage, three UFOs were dappled near the ISS and now the collusion theorists are also claiming the same.

Currently, the YouTube video has around 65,000 views and has obtained different reactions from the audience. Some people are calling it “clouds,” some of the comments read, “Clouds you baboons, “they are called CLOUDS!” In the United States, people are assuming the spotting as ongoing weather changes.

When YouTube called the Third Phase of Moon has made stunning video the incident went viral on the social media and the video reveals that the three white color spaceships flying near ISS. Video’s editor said, “We’ve got three strange anomalies drifting downwards just above the Earth’s atmosphere. Is this something extraterrestrial?”

Many alien hunters have already claimed that aliens remain around the International Space Station and talk to astronauts but NASA has not revealed anything about it as it can create disorders in people.


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