Long Sitting time at one place leads to Early Death

Inactive adults who spend more time on sitting at one place have more risk of premature death than people who don’t sit around a lot, U.S. study suggests.  No matter how much you exercise sitting for hours can increase your risk of an early death. But, the study authors said that people can take a break, get up and walk around at every 30 minutes can help in decreasing the risk.

Researchers observed 7,985 adults with the age of 45 and older. To measure their movements, the adults were asked to wear accelerometers for one week.

Researchers reported that sitting response was examined for 77 percent of volunteers’ walking hours, or around 12 hours a day. On average, the sitting time’s periods were around 11 minutes long, and more than half of the time participants spent sitting in periods of less than 30 minutes, the research found. After an average outcome of four years, 304 people died during the research

However, the author noted that the discrimination between sedentary times from sitting versus idle periods when people were standing has not defined by the accelerometers. The study has not designed the experiment to prove how sitting time directly causes premature death and this is a limitation of this study.

Dr. David Alter, head of cardiovascular and metabolic research for the University Health Network-Toronto Rehabilitation Institute in Canada, said, “The lack of activity in our muscles affects our ability to metabolize our sugars efficiently.” “Over time, our body accumulates excess fat, which can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and death.”

Alter suggested that, a stopwatch is the best solution to this problem because it could remind people to get up and move around and avoid long extends of sitting time.


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