Google Launches a New Drive File Stream for PC and Mac

People usually keep their important files and photos in different places, on the computer, phone, SD cards or digital camera. It can be a challenge to keep all these files safe, secure and backup up.

So, Google has introduced a new desktop application called Drive File Stream for Google Drive users and it is available to G Suite customers. The new app will replace the Google Drive desktop app. It provides very simple and reliable way to protect your important files and photos. The backup and sync is an app for Mac and PC and it replaces the existing Google photos desktop uploader and Drive.

Google has already announced that it is replacing Google Drive with Backup and Sync in July. At that time, it opened an Early adopter Program for Drive File Stream.

Administrative control option is the main difference between the consumer application and enterprise version. Google said that the Drive File settings are appearing today while the solution will be generally available on Tuesday, September 26th.

Google stated that, from today, the company I.T. department will see the Drive File Stream’s settings in the Admin Console for their G Suite version. They can make configurations including turning sync on, disabling Google Update if the company prefers manual updates, and managing other settings and specifying how the software is installed.

The company also said that, from December 11th, 2017, the support of the older Google Drive software will be discontinued and on March 12th, 2018, it will shut down it completely.

Google’s collaborative Team Drives are not supported by Backup and Sync, but it can be used to sync other files with Drive File Stream to sync with Drive.

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