Alcohol Industry is Misleading People about Alcohol-Cancer risks- Study

A new research revealed that the alcohol industry is misleading the public by about the real link between alcohol and cancer to secure its profit. The drink industry using denying and distractions tactics to mislead people about that risks cancer development from drinking, a study said on Thursday.

According to the British-led team of international experts, the alcohol industry and “responsible drinking bodies” they fund are claiming that there is a no link between drink and cancer.

Many Drinks producers are confusing the consumers and trying to distract attention from the association between alcohol and cancer.

The study Led by scientists at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and Sweden’s Karolineska Institute observed the information related to cancer and alcohol carried on the websites and documents of around 30 alcohol industry organizations. Most of the organizational websites have misrepresented the evidence of alcohol-related cancer risk and the major focus of misrepresentation was breast and colorectal cancers.

Two UK bodies financed by the alcohol industry called the Portman Group and Drinkaware were involved in this denialism.

Chief executive of the Institute of Alcohol Studies, Katherine Brown said, “It’s extremely worrying that the UK public is not being given independent, honest information about the health risks associated with drinking.” “We cannot rely on a profit-driven industry to promote public health. Consumers have a right to know the truth about alcohol and cancer, so they can make fully informed decisions about their drinking.”

Since 2007, more than 100 studies have revealed that even the average amount of alcohol can increase the risk of cancer.

Now, researchers are examining other industry websites, documents, and social media in order to analyze other healthy relationship with alcohol.

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