Kobo is offering its New Audiobook Subscription Service

Kobo has launched a new audiobook bookstore which sells audio books and provides those audiobooks on a subscription level basis. The Rakuten-owned company is popular for its eBook readers as well as the company offers apps for Android, Windows, BlackBerry, iOS, and Mac. And now apart from these services, the company is providing audio books.

Kobo is offering the audiobook service to compete with Amazon’s Audible. This is the first time; the company is entering into an audio subscription service.

Rakuten Kobo Inc.’s CEO, Michael Tamblyn said, “We have more books than time, always. Audiobooks let our readers fit the books they love into more parts of their day.” “Audio lets you be in two places at once- exploring the galaxy on the daily commute, solving a crime while doing the laundry.”

Kobo has not revealed the how many audiobooks were included its library, but for the time, customers from Canada, New Zealand, US, Australia, and the UK can access them. Kobo’s app’s users have the choice to purchase an individual audio book or they can sign up to the previously mentioned subscription service.

Initially, Kobo is offering customers a free-trial for 30-days, after that it will charge $10 per month.

However, users can also purchase more than one book and it will charge $30 per month to gain access to different three audiobooks.

Interestingly, Kobo is also offering rewards called Super Points that can be applied on the audiobooks.

Users can listen to audiobooks through the company’s iOS or Android apps. For now, the audio isn’t available on the Kobo e-readers, tablets, or any of the other apps like BlackBerry or desktop.

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