YouTube is streaming iPhone’s Apps and moderating Chats

YouTube is rolling out some new features for iPhone users to stream iPhone apps live using YouTube Live. Google announced today that iPhone users can stream apps video games live with this feature on their devices’ phone screen. The battle with Amazon’s Twitch and Microsoft’s Mixer will continue as this feature has been available on Android Phones for some time.

YouTube Live’s product lead, Kurt Wilms said that these new updates will bring great streaming power to your iPhone or iPad and will help you to moderate chats. The company’s aim is to make efficient user interaction with YouTube Live by reducing latency and moderating chats.

Initially, it had made live streaming available to those who had 10,000 channel subscribers or more and then in April, dropped it down to those who had subscribers on around 1,000. For now, users with more than 100 subscribers can directly live stream from their smartphone on both iOS and Android using the YouTube.

However, iPhone users can directly stream whatever is on their phone’s screen to the main YouTube app. That means, whether you are playing a game or drawing a sketch you can directly stream to the YouTube.

YouTube Gaming app has also supported ReplayKit, which allows the gamers to live stream games but now, YouTube itself providing this feature. While using the microphone and front camera, users can show off their game and can add audio commentary, their own videos to the stream.

Now, users can choose the ultra-low latency option which will drive down streaming video latency in just a couple of seconds. The new option named “alt/option ” will let you pause the chat.

All these new updates are launching today, according to the YouTube.


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