Samsung’s Unbeatable Smart Speaker

Samsung is looking to introduce its new Samsung Electronics’ smart speaker in the next year.  At IFA 2017 in Berlin, Germany, Dinesh Paliwal, Harman International Chief Executive Officer said on Sunday that it will be “unbeatable” and superior to the Google Home and Amazon’s Echo lineup.

Mr. Paliwal stated that with Samsung President and CEO Yoon Boo-Keun, he attended a private meeting at the latest iteration of the consumer electronics trade show.  According to the report, they discussed Samsung’s upcoming smart speaker and other numerous topics with their business partners and distribution on the number of topics.

Mr. Paliwal believes that like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa ecosystems, AI platform of the unannounced speaker will be superior.

“What we are going to launch will be a whole new ecosystem,” said Paliwal. “It will be a platform that will be able to connect all devices and home appliances.” He will visit Seoul for meetings with top Samsung giants on some management issues of Harman in October.

Harman is also working on Bixby, Samsung’s digital assistant, with “the world’s best, smart, intelligent speaker, but it won’t take place of others.”

Samsung is preparing to jump into the car electronics market assuming that there is a limited growth in the premium smartphone market. Mr. Paliwal stated that Samsung is a better company with worldly home appliances and wireless services and products.

According to Mr. Paliwal, Samsun-Harman AI platform will hit the market and will bring all the items to an unparalleled stage of connectivity.


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