Disturbed Sleep may Cause AHDH- a New Study Finds.

Researchers revealed that lack of regular sleep can cause to deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

ADHD can lead to many sleep –related problems such as sleep apnea, delayed sleep phase syndrome, restless-leg syndrome, and circadian rhythm disturbance. And according to a new study, around 75 % children and adults get affected from ADHD.

Netherland’s VU University Medical Centre’s associate professor, Sandra Kooji says, “Based on existing evidence, it looks very much like ADHD and circadian problems are intertwined in the majority of patients.”

Symptoms of ADHD include mood swings and the impulsiveness which is noticed at an early age. Sometimes, between 2% to 5% of people are affected by ADHD as it is estimated. The situation is very often inherited and normally has a noticeable neurological framework.

Kooji says, “If you review the evidence, it looks more and more like ADHD and sleeplessness are two sides of the same physiological and mental coin.”

Researchers are working on this adversity by finding biomarkers such as cortisol levels, vitamin D levels, 24-hour blood pressure, blood glucose, and heart rate variability. These kinds of findings can help to “treat some ADHD by non-pharmacological methods, including changing light or sleep patterns and prevent the negative impact of chronic sleep loss on health, “said by Kooji.

The findings suggest that we should change our habits can reset our biological clock to get better rest. Researchers suggest the following:

  • Exercising earlier in the morning.
  • Dropping the excessive electronic device’s use.
  • Dimming the lights earlier in the evening.
  • Eating less at night.




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