Astronaut Peggy Whitson Returned to the Earth and Made the Biggest Record

Astronaut Peggy Whitson returned to Earth from the International Space Station on September 2.  Record-breaking astronaut touched down in Kazakhstan at 9:21 p.m. EDT on Saturday.

On this latest mission, she spent 288 days -more than nine months. Whitson has been away from the earth for three long time span mission. She created the biggest record for the most progressive time in space an American with 665 days accrued.

According to the sources on her 534th day in orbit, Whitson broke the record of American astronaut’s time in space in April.

President Donald Trump congratulates her and they discussed on sending humans to Mars.

She has cracked other records:  57 years old Whitson is world’s oldest female astronaut, she is the first woman to have ordered the space station twice and she is the most experienced female spacewalker, according to the report.

Russia’s Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin and American Jack Fischer returned with Whitson and they spent 673 days and 136 days in space respectively.

NASA says Whitson and Fischer “contributed to hundreds of experiments in physical science, biology, Earth science, and biotechnology.” Their work included research into antibodies “that could increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs for cancer treatment,” as well as be looking into the changes that astronauts eyes undergo in an environment with so little gravity.

Randy Bresnik, the new commander of the space station called Whitson as “American space ninja.”

According to Whitson’s NASA bio, she started the astronaut training in 1996 and first berthed with the ISS in 2002. After 2008 she became the first woman station commander.

Whitson said, “I will miss seeing the enchantingly peaceful limb of our Earth from this vantage point. Until the end of my days, my eyes will search the horizon to see that curve.”


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