A curfew is imposed in Huston and 18 are dead as Harvey breaks the rainfall record

An overnight curfew has been imposed in Houston with the rise in opportunistic crimes. Harvey continued to lash Southeast Texas breaking the record for the ultimate rainfall on US mainland. The curfew was announced at midnight to 5:00AM due to the increase in hijacking of vehicles and looting as the houses lay partially submerged and deserted.

The rains have exceeded the mark of 50 inches more than it has ever been received. Authorities claimed that 18 people have been reported dead including a police officer who got drowned in his car on his way to work.John Nielsen-Gammon, Texas state climatologist and professor at Texas A&M University said that this has been the most massive storm on record anywhere in the U.S. outside Hawaii.

With muddy brown water inundating huge areas of the country’s fourth largest city thousands were coerced to attempt protection in shelters.Federal officials have gauged that as many as 30,000 deposed residents may seek temporary shelter and more than 450,000 people are likely to apply for federal aid.

Jeff Lindner, a meteorologist with the Harris County Flood Control District said that four days of rainfall has demonstrated a trillion gallons of water in Harris County, sufficient to run Niagara for 15 days. He also estimated that around 100,000 houses, 777-square-mile area may have flooded.

After guaranteeing Texas, the Congress would furnish swift federal aid, Trump visited the state devastated by the storm and said that this condition and recovery of the state could be viewed as a model.

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