Bentley’s Continental GT undergoes overhaul

Introducing a new car is a precarious moment for any manufacturer. Bentley has emerged as a confidant third generational continental GT which was revealed at the September’s Frankfurt Motor show. The Continental is the most popular Bentley of all times. More than 70,000continentals have been sold when the price of each conti can be $150,000 or more.

The Continental was launched way back in 2009. The first new Bentley was under the charge of mighty Volkswagen group. It was a merger of conventional English craft skills in leather and fine wood finish with German-inspired engineering and production techniques.

Bentley has travelled a long way and its journey has been a delight since then. It is enjoying record sales which has been possible entirely due to the success of Bentayga  SUV. To maintain the impetus, the all new continental is a force to reckon with.

The foundation is the VW group. The framework is thoroughly based on one developed by Porsche. He design is the hallmark of a German designer Stefan Sielaff, a 30-year Volkswagen veteran who has also held positions at Audi and SEAT. Bentley’s designers have created a bright adaptation of the swoopy grand tourer lines that made the Continental such a cracker first time round.

Some of the changes that have been incorporated are unique haunch over the backside wheels have been preserved. Other features like the rear lighting setting — have been spruced up. The overall posture is lower and riveting an idea of making Conti a sports car as well as a grand tourer. However, that is an optical illusion. The car is almost the same length as previously. The wings may stretch a little wider the overall width to the mirrors is the same?

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