Teenagers Are Likely To Be Found With Severe Abnormal Blood Pressure…New Recommendations Are Revealed

The annual wellness visit has diagnosed that the children are likely to have an abnormal blood pressure. On Monday, the American Academy of Pediatrics has disclosed the new guide lines and recommendationswith evidence and replaced the previous ones issued in 2004.

The National Committee has reviewed 15000 articles based on the early management, evaluation and diagnosis of abnormally higher rate of blood pressure especially in teenagers.The guide lines disclosed by the Pediatrics contain a table of a blood pressure based on normal-weight children with more precise hypertension classifications, due to which more teens in need of treatment would get categorized.

Dr. Joseph T. Flynn, lead author of the guidelines as well as a professor of pediatrics at University of Washington had a statement that,“The prevalence of 3.5% is based on fairly recent large-scale screening studies. In the past, the percentage of children diagnosed with high blood pressure was lower, based on previous studies, maybe 1% to 2%.”

Flynn added in saying about hypertension that it can also cause kidney damage and heart diseases. He said, “Untreated, we believe that high blood pressure in a child will lead to high blood pressure when that child becomes an adult, so that would potentially lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease later in life,”

An ideal blood pressure in teenagers is fluctuates as they grow up and it is different than the adults with respect to their gender, the Body Mass Index and their age. The parents could have difficulties regarding the habits of their children that what they eat and what amount of physical exercise they get. Sometimes the good habits of exercise and well diet plan can give better result of curing from the hypertension.

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