Sleep Gets Affected Due To ‘Binge Watching: Consuming Multiple Consecutive Series of Same Television Shows Series at One Sitting’

The latest research has revealed that the ‘binge watching’, which means watching a consecutive sequel of a favorite television show in one sitting affects the sleep.According to the author, Liese Exelmans, a doctoral researcher at the University of Leuven’s School of Mass Communication Research in Belgium, conclude that the habit of continue watching a television series can badly affect their sleep.

The researchersfrom the University of Michigan have studied an observation made on 423 persons from age group of 18 to 25, from them 61.9% were female participants, based on their behavior of sleeping quantity as well as quality, insomnia, physiological and cognitive arousal,fatigue.This survey disclosed that watching a series of same television show in one sitting time spam can cause severe disorders of sleeping behavior.

Some experts say that watching a television show series with family or friends leads to improve the sleeping habits of one’s and makes their moments more enjoyable.80.6% people responded to the research team that they are binge watchers.The 20.2% of those people say that they had been binge watching for few times a week in early months, where the 75 people were the binge watchers for almost every day over the months before the survey.

According to the scientists, the people who used to watch a Television show for a long time continuously are not able to stop thinking about that show and their brain remains alert in guessing what will happen next. This leads to increase the heart rate and the brain takes too longer to stable. This makesone feel more tired and lowers the quality of sleep.

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