Norristown High Speed Line Train Crashed In Suburban Philadelphia: More Than 30 Injured

According to the spokesperson from the South eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, the Norristown High Speed Line train was crashed onto the parked train which was unoccupied. The spokesperson Heather Redfern said that the incidence has happened in the area of 69th Street Terminal at Upper Darby around approximately 12:15 am on Tuesday.

The Mayor of Upper Darby, Nicholas Micozzie, has reported that the minimum four people had severe injuries in the incident happened in mid night.He added that the conductor is also admitted right now in the hospital and no other can realize his condition. SEPTA stated that the offending train was coming to be arrived on the transportation center, once after the midnight. Suddenly the train got struck over an unloaded train which led to injure more than 30 people.

One of the passengers (not identified)stated to the sources of NBC10 that he was unconsciously knocked by the intense force of the collision. The statement he has given to the sources that, “I stood up to get off to get ready to get to my bus on time and smack; it hit the other trolley, parked. My face hit the wall, put a big hole in the wall and I went straight down and I blacked out. There was blood everywhere.”

There were four people also victims of incidence of the crash happened near 69th Street Terminal including three commuter trains which were out of service. For that time, the SEPTA reported that a train ended rear over another one where the trains turn back to the service, and the carsgot derailed in the accident with hitting another third  train residing on besides track.

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