A possible long term remedy for detrimental Peanut Allergies could be a turning point

Probiotics may be the remedy for curing peanut allergies in kids. It may also point towards advances on treating any food allergy at all. A novel research in the newly published Lancet Child & Adolescent Health journal states that a course of probiotics and peanut oral immunotherapy assisted children getting rid of their peanut allergies and desensitized to peanuts for at least four years.

These studies indicate that addition of probiotics to therapy could yield better results than if children had to go through oral immunotherapy on its own. A general restricted experiment equating the effects of oral immunotherapy and oral immunotherapy plus additional probiotics would be the following step in evaluating its feasibility as a remedy said study author Mimi Tang, a researcher at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne, in a Lancet audio interview about her findings.

Tang also said that they were enthusiastic about these findings as it displayed that the probiotic peanut combination can reform the immune response to peanuts and yield long term rewards years after having pausing the treatment.

Tang’s indigenous research on probiotics and peanut allergies assembled 56 children with peanut allergies and segregated them into two categories. One group acquired a placebo treatment and the other would consume the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus, a bacterium regularly found in yogurt and growing amounts of peanut protein every day for 18 months. Then, after halting for about one month, the children consumed peanuts to see if the food caused any reaction.

An astounding 82 percent of children taking in the probiotic exhibited no reaction to the peanuts they were once susceptible to compared to only four percent of the children in the placebo group.

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