Opioid Crisis calls for the prosecution of drug manufacturer by South Carolina

South Carolina has become the latest state to prosecute drug manufacturer aggravating its opioid drug crisis by using misleading marketing.Attorney General Alan Wilson on Tuesday stated that the state had prosecuted Purdue Pharma indicting the maker of Oxycontin and other opioid drug contravening South Carolina’s Unfair Trade Practices Act.

Purdue Pharma reiterated in a statement that they deny the allegations strenuously and they share South Carolina officials’ concerns about the Opioid crisis and are dedicated to work as a team to find solutions.Richland County blames Purdue of disqualifying to comply with 2007 agreement it had signed with South Carolina and many other states over declaration of its promotion of Oxycontin.

Purdue did not agree and said it’s not at fault and indicted the company of motivating doctors to prescribe Oxycontin for unauthorized uses and not been able to divulge itsinherent potential for addiction.

The consent agreement wanted Purdue to rectify its apparently offensive unrestricted marketing practices, keep a program to discern the prescribers who over prescribed Oxycontin and instruct sales representatives in the misuse and digression detection program prior to the promotion of the drug.

From that time Wilson said that the company has pursued to misguide doctors about the perils of addiction. However, It stated that patients who seemed to be addicted actually required more opioids and these can be taken in higher quantities without revealing the huge amount of risks to the patients.


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