Iceland Is Eradicating Down Syndrome Births

Iceland has initiated an innovative treatment for the chromosomal disorder. This pre-natal testing is optional for the pregnant women, but it has made mandatory by the government of Iceland for the doctors to notify the women about this test.

According to the survey, it is reported that around 85% of pregnant women undergo the test and if the infant found to be a victim of down syndrome then nearly about 100% of those women choose to abort the infant.It is also noted that there are only 2 children born with Down syndrome in Iceland each year. The reason behind that is considered to be the problematic or wrong way of pre-natal testing.

There is a set of important questions asked by parents in Iceland that how it will impact on their society if they abort their children with down syndrome?Whether their disabled children will be welcomed in Iceland if they are allowed to be born? When the womb is the most dangerous place for a disabled child?

Perhaps, there is a best example of an argument against eliminating the child with Down syndrome is Augusta. She is the daughter of Thordis Ingadottir, the woman gone through the pre-natal test when she was pregnant with Augusta and the test went failed to diagnose the Down syndrome. Still Ingadottir gave birth to Augusta, and she is now seven years old a cute chubby girl.

Later, Ingadottir became an advocate for people facing Down syndrome and she is actively fighting for their rights. She says,“I will hope that she (Augusta) will be fully integrated on her own terms in this society. That’s my dream,”

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