Google Home Introducing Hands Free Call

Google has announced to bring the hands-free call with the existing Google Smart Home Speaker. This upcoming feature will be availing for Google Home users residing in the US and Canada.With an excellent and broader calling range Google Home does not require any corresponding applications on the other end.

This will prove the great transformation of Google Home from a smart speaker to the Smart Calling device. This technology is expecting to replace the existing landlines. Google home permits this device to connect the call to the contacts of particular user available on Google Contacts List only by a voice command.

User can initiate a call by simply saying “OK, Google, call (contact name)”. Google Home will route the call over Wi-Fi connection. You can also use it like “OK, Google, call the nearest coffee shop” or “OK, Google, call the nearest grocery shop”, and so on. This call technology is based on the voice recognition system. The calls outside of Canada and the US cannot be supported until the user links his Google Voice account.

The current system of the devices is having a default setting of not showing the user’s caller ID. It shows either ‘No Caller ID’ or ‘Unknown’ while phone rings up. Google added to information for people that, there will be an option for the users to select whether to show Google Voice Number or to use Project Fi.

Another most important thing is to be noticed is that Google Home is not supporting an emergency call to 911 currently. The reason behind this is that in actual, the calls are established over Wi-Fi. So, 911 might be in trouble to locate the position of caller. This issue is supposed to be solved soon by Google Home.

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