When Dinosaurs walked the Earth and Mammals inhabited the Sky

When Dinosaurs walked the Earth and Mammals inhabited the SkyThe timespan of 252 million years ago to 66 million years ago is considered as a Mesozoic Era and is also referred to as the age of Dinosaurs. Early mammals were considered as nocturnal insect eater by paleontologists.

However, mammals have already evolved into amazing variety of forms as represented by the fossil evidence foretelling the diversity of mammals today. Recently, a team of paleontologists affixed some particularly captivating new organism to the Mesozoic collection. These mammals differed from Dinosaurs’ as they did not skulk in the shadows of Dinosaurs.

They emerged from the shadows of the dinosaurs and took to air for example flying squirrels. The fossils are the most prehistoric mammal predecessor that glided. The premiere Mesozoic mammal fossils were discovered in 1800s. However, for generations the researchers could just find teeth and bones.

At a site in North Eastern China, the researchers found remarkable mammal fossils most determining back to 160 million years. The researchers collided with entire skeleton that they got to study, including the impressions of skin and hair.

All living mammals are divided into three categories one of which includes the Platypuses that lay eggs. Millions of years later another branch separated into marsupials like kangaroos and opossums, which finish development in a pouch.

The third descents ventured into the species to which large number of mammals belongs. These were the Placental mammals all grown inside a uterus, extricate blood from their mothers. The mammals born recently belong to these groups. Others belong to unspecified branches of which we do not have any knowledge till now.

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