China’s Quantum Satellite Sends Unhackable Cipher from Space

Chinas Quantum Satellite Sends Unhackable Cipher from SpaceChina has become the first country to send a quantum satellite to the ground for stepping up in the creation of unhackable global communication network.

To overcome with the way of traditionaldata-communications, which does not include so much reliability, the quantum communication technology is expected. So, the quantum experiment was conducted, which has given an impressive achievement.

The quantum communication technology is now leading by China, which is said to be finely co-operating with scientists from Austria, Germany and Italy.

Peng Chengzhi, member of the research team and professor at the University of Science and Technology in Hefei, stated that a quantum communication along with the fiber-optic cables between Beijing and Shanghai has a requirement of more than 30 transfer stations. They needed to decode and re-encrypt the information at each station. This leads to enhance the communication technology to the space-based networks.

The distance of communication from satellite to the ground station used to vary from 645 kilometers to 1,200 kilometers. Likewise the quantum (cipher) key transmission rate that goes from satellite to the ground station is up to 20 orders of magnitude. This is a more efficient way of establishing the secured-communication than using an optical fiber of the same length.

The quantum technology is highly efficient to avail the demand of making an absolute safe transaction of a large amount in banking and also in making private and confidential phone calls.

This technology has given us the most promising solution for global-scale quantum key distribution through satellites. By transmitting photons between the satellite and ground stations, thus resulting in high confidential quantum communication.

This project is expected to have more scientific breakthroughs in the field of science and technology. However, the complete global quantum network communication is still to be achieved.

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