Trump envisions Apple creating three big and beautiful plants in the US

Trump envisions Apple creating three big and beautiful plants in the USIn an interview Trump said that Tim Cook, CEO of Apple called him and pledged to build three big beautiful plants in the United States. If Trump’s statement is true then it will be a huge investment by Apple and a considerable change of pace.

As of now US is only manufacturing Mac Pros. However, it has not promised to continue producing that. Apple works in tandem with the outside suppliers so that it can get parts from multiple companies and protect itself from risk.

Apparently Trump has got some of the facts wrong here like Cook might have said that Apple’s suppliers are building new factories in US rather than Apple itself. Recently Apple has invested $200 million in Corning which makes cover glass for iPhones. This is done to support company’s manufacturing unit already in Kentucky.

Foxcon,  a significant Apple supplier is planning to build its first US factory. It may produce some products for Apple but won’t necessarily be Apple owned. Trump has been insisting that Apple should manufacture its product in USA and not in China. On the other hand Apple announces its plans to invest 1 billion dollars in US manufacturing. When Apple’s CFO was asked his opinion, he stated that Apple is portraying as a maker of different types of jobs like app development positions etc.

There are a number of factors that want Apple to move manufacturing towards stateside. Apple wants to observe how overseas profits are taxed, so it can bring back stash of money that has been hoarded overseas.

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