Sugary drinks and high protein meal is not a positive combination

Sugary drinks and high protein meal is not a positive combinationWe all love colas but they are the highest in sugar content. Consuming these can definitely lead to severe health problems like obesity, diabetes etc. However pairing them with proteins can be more risky for the health as your body can store more fat.

These foods directly affect the body’s energy equilibrium and fat storage. An experiment was conducted where 27 healthy individuals were given sugary drinks with protein based meals and in the other experiment protein based meals were offered with non-sugary drinks. In the experiment they found that protein food with sugary drinks increases the body’s fat content.

It was found out that the extra calories provided by sugary drinks were not utilized, fat metabolism was lessened and it took less energy to metabolize the food.

The participants were kept in a room calorimeter, the researchers were able to find out how many grams of carbohydrates, protein and fat the participants were utilizing and how many calories they had burned. A room calorimeter is a 25 square meter embellished room that measures movement, O2, CO2, temperature and pressure. They determine how dietary changes affect energy expenditure and how the nutrients are processed by the body.

Including a sugary drink to the course decreased the pace of fat oxidation, the process that helps fat molecules break down, by 8%. It also changed participants’ cravings, because it “increased study subjects’ desire to eat spicy, tangy and salty foods for four hours after eating.”

The study only examined healthy-weight people for a short period of time, so researchers noted that overweight individuals may respond differently.

However, Casperson said, “the results provide further insight into the potential role of sugar-sweetened drinks – the largest single source of sugar in the American diet – in weight gain and obesity.”

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