Trump’s advisor Stephen Miller was accurate about the Statue of Liberty’s legendary inscription

Trumps advisor Stephen Miller was accurate about the Statue of Libertys legendary inscriptionTrump’s advisor, Stephen Miller had a heated speech at the white house. His remarks were intended towards one of the most famous monuments of the American history: The Statue of Liberty. Miller had ascended the platform to debate about President’s assist the bill that would minimize the flow of legal immigration in the country.

CNN’s Jim Acosta asked if the immigration stance stood reverse to American convention stating the words enshrined on the base of Statue of Liberty:“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses.” The original Statue of Liberty did not contain this poem; it was added later said Miller.

 Many Americans would have pondered over what Miller said as it’s a part of the nation’s allied memory. It has been etched on school books without which Statue of Liberty would have no voice. When the Statue of Liberty was revealed in 1886, these words were not mentioned in the Washington Post.

These words were not spoken at the liturgy dedicated to the statue and the author Emma Lazarus’ life was short and therefore she could not witness the words inscribed on the plate on the podium. Lazarus penned down the sonnet that comprised those prominent words as goodwill to raise funds for the pedestal that would hold the extravagant gift from France. She was conveyed that her sonnet would be sold at an auction that would also contain works of Mark Twain and Walt Whitman.

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