Recent Georgia Shootout Leaves Both Suspect & Police Officer Shot

Recent Georgia Shootout Leaves Both Suspect & Police Officer ShotIn Decatur, Georgia, on Wednesday midnight, a shootout broke out just outside the city limits of Atlanta, where both the police officer and the suspect got shot, says a police officer.

According to local news outlet from the city of Decatur, where it was mentioned that not just one but four DeKalb County police officers confronted a suspect, after the police officials got several distress calls at their local 911 emergency line, and dispatch the officers. It is said that the suspect tried to get into his vehicle which prompted the gunfire on both the side, as it is not sure who open fire at first and not mentioned in the report, nor the police officials cleared that out.

A police officer shot from his gun which struck the suspect’s hand, which was the first wound the suspect gets, which added several other shots that were fired on the vehicle where the suspect was taken shelter from the police officers.

The suspect also shot several rounds which hit one of the policemen who was there shooting at the suspect, and soon after the ambulance was called in, and took both the suspect and the officer were taken to the nearby Grady Memorial Hospital.

Later, it was known that the condition of the police officer is stable, but his seriousness of the wound is not known, whereas, on the other hand, the condition of the suspect is termed as serious.

An investigation is on, and the identity of both the suspect and officer is not released.

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