Race plays a crucial role in admissions for the Ivy League

Race plays a crucial role in admissions for the Ivy LeagueAn enquiry by the Justice department have influenced admissions in Harvard University which has left discerning colleges stimulating for new review of practices that have helped uplift diversity level to new lengths across the Ivy league.

Harvard and the likes closely guard their inner performance of their administration. However, they protect perspectives that contemplate an aspirant’s race among other factors to bring about a mix of various candidates from diverse backgrounds. The schools maintain that they are legally astute; experts comprehend that the investigation could motivate new provocations.

The eight Ivy League colleges including Harvard, Yale and Princeton, the minority US students grew by 17 percent between 2010 and 2015.By 2015, minorities accounted for more than 43 percent of all incoming students in the Ivy League, up from 37 percent in 2010.

This rage partly mirrors the demographics of an increasingly divergent nation. The schools contemplate race as an integral part of reversing the factually and historically low numbers of minorities in elite universities. In some cases upper class universities began enrolling nonwhite students only in the last 75 years.

Christopher Eisgruber, president of Princeton University said that they are aiming for a racially and culturally diverse campus and are achieving that. He also added that Universities have a persuasive interest in seeking diversity in their student association through a comprehensive assessment of facet.

Eisgruber added that he is not taken by surprise by the sustained political controversy but it would not be right for him to comment on the justice department investigation.

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