Minneapolis School Explosion Caused Several Injured & 2 Dead Till Now, Says Officials

Minneapolis School Explosion Caused Several Injured & 2 Dead Till Now, Says OfficialsIn Minneapolis, Minnesota, the fire officials found the second body in the rubble of the building that collapsed following an explosion on Wednesday night, which also killed a school employee and several others injured in the incident, and now another dead body.

As per the reports, the explosion took place at the Minnehaha Upper School, which lies in the southeastern part of the city of Minneapolis, where around 10:20 am, an explosion occurred that left two floors to collapse over the sub-basement of the school building.

The incident left several injured, while two dead as per now, one of them was identified as Ruth Berg, whose body was found in the rubble. While the second victim of the incident whose body was also recovered by the fire officials from the rubble was John F. Carlson, he was a janitor of the school, and Berg was a receptionist at the school.

Now, among the injured, there were seven other adults members from the school were injured because of the incident, and in these seven people, three were injured very badly while the others didn’t have critical wounds.

There were others who went out in time without any injuries; some of them even rushed others injured persons out from the school compounds, which was described by some as very difficult, because carrying an injured person to safety in such situation. As soon as the explosion was heard, there were panicked around the school compound, and people were running to safety.

The search for others is still on under the rubble.

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