Facebook will begin loading higher ranking webpages higher in news feed

Facebook will begin loading higher ranking webpages higher in news feedFacebook made a declaration that its newsfeeds will function to escalate the distribution link to faster loading web pages including those that use its own instant article format. The change will have a dissentient impact on the slow loading web pages.

Strangely, Facebook’s blog post has no sign of Instant Articles even though there is a direct relation between Facebook’s own speedier mobile web format and its inclination expand the allocation of links aiming at faster websites.

The instant article format was a boon for mobile users as it made reading stories via Facebook a wholesome experience.This depends on two things namely by peeling off extraneous code that can weigh mobile webpages down and limitation on number of ads they display.

However, the format hasn’t been total accepted by the publishers as they think using instant article format may diminish their utility of making revenue from the sites. This doesn’t mean that Facebook was not having problems. It was fixing its own problems that publishers were complaining about. For example it let Instant Article Publisher display more ads, reinstated subscription alternative, it displayed pages like email sign up button, It even tried to make adoption of Facebook’s format easier, by adding support for Google AMP and Apple News format as part of its Instant Articles software development kit.

Even though Facebook doesn’t declare directly that instant articles are about to get a big boost from the news feed change, it is sure that will be the case precisely.

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