Arizona Pharmacy Robbery Left Armed Robber Killed By Customer

Arizona Pharmacy Robbery Left Armed Robber Killed By CustomerIn Phoenix, Arizona, on Tuesday night, a drug store was being robbed by a suspect, when an incident occurred which was not expected by anyone who was present inside the store, as one of the present customers pulled a gun and shot the robber that killed him.

The authorities confirmed that the man who also went to the store to buy some medicines, but a robber came in and started treating the pharmacist, which sparks the person to shot and killed the robber.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, who gave an interview to a local news channel, where they said, a man who rushed into the store and jumped on the pharmacy counter, and started demanding to give him oxycodone as he pointed a gun at the pharmacist.

The incident starts with a sudden, and it also ends with a sudden stop, as there was a customer who was standing nearby at the counter, who pulled his gun out and shot the robber who wounded him.

Soon after the incident, the police officials arrived at the scene and with the help of a police dog the suspect was separated from his gun, and then the officials came in to provide medical assistance on the robber. Despite all the attempts, including police administrated CPR to the man, but he died on the scene, and thus later taken to the hospital to know about the person in details.

The identity of the customer who shot the robber was not mentioned, along with the whereabouts of the man now.

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