US Conduct Thaad Missile Launch In Respond Of North Korean ICBM Test

US Conduct Thaad Missile Launch In Respond Of North Korean ICBM TestIn Kodiak, Alaska, on Sunday, the US military has given its response to the North Korean government, by testing one of its THAAD anti-ballistic missiles within two days of the North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile test, said a US Coast Guard official.

The US military officials made a statement after the successful anti-ballistic missile launch, and also clarifies that this missile exercise was scheduled for quite some time, and North Korea shouldn’t think as a response. Though another party has tested their ICBM just two days before Sunday, the US anti-ballistic test was planned for over a week.

The test is second such in one month, as the North also made such attempts and succeed, as they test fired their first ICBM on July 4, and the second on July 28, thus the US has test fired its first THAAD systems on July 11, and now the second. Like the last test, this time also the missiles were fired from the missile launch facility based in Kodiak, Alaska.

As per other reports, along with the successful THAAD test firings, the US military also conducted joint air exercise with the Japanese and South Korean counter parts, where they participate in bomber-jet training missions on the Korean peninsula.

The North Korean gets a double dosage from the US as a response to their ICBM test, which is hoped not to be escalating any more of the response from the North’s side, and this also raptures the possible talks between the two Korean nations.

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