Police Set For Manhunt After 12 Inmates Escaped From Alabama Jail

Police Set For Manhunt After 12 Inmates Escaped From Alabama JailIn Jasper, Alabama, on early Monday morning, the authorities have launched a massive manhunt which is underway to find as many as of 12 inmates, who were escaped from an Alabamian prison, says a jail official. The person also mentioned that two out of the twelve escapees are also imprisoned with charges as attempted murder.

According to the Walker County Sheriff’s Office, who has posted a statement about the missing incident and the ongoing manhunt on social media, where it was confirmed, there were 12 prisoners in total have escaped on Sunday afternoon, from the Walker County Jail. The report on how did a dozen of prisoners escaped from the jail which is known for its high security is still unknown, but the investigators have shown light that, they will be able to find the reason for the exact reasons of their ability to escape the jail.

The police officials have clarified that all the inmates are between the ages of 18 to 30-year old, and also they have mentioned that these people who were accused of several types of charges that range from attempted murder to disorderly conduct.

After the massive manhunt on Sunday, which is said to be continued to Monday also, eleven out of twelve prisoners have been found by the police officials, and all of them were found on Sunday itself, just before early Monday. Though most of the prisoners were found, one of them is still missing, but the identity of the inmate is still not disclosed by the police authorities.

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