Microsoft and Sony may benefit from the Nintendo Switch overheating issue

Microsoft and Sony may benefit from the Nintendo Switch overheating issueThe overheating issue of the Nintendo Switch that is Tegra powered is a matter of real concern. This console design that is a hybrid mobile is attractive and worth investing. However, in the long term, it may be endangered owing to its overheating issues.

Microsoft and Sony, the console gaming leaders truly benefit from this issue of overheating that is recently enveloping the latest gaming console of Nintendo.

Nvidia’s weakness in mobile designing SoCs is exposed by the reported Nintendo Switch overheating issues. However, the fact is that the Nintendo Switch is doing good sales and it is impressive. There are 4.7 million sales right from the debut.

However, its console rivals Microsoft (MSFT) and Sony (SNE) are certain to benefit from the reported overheating issues of Nintendo Switch units. Going ahead an overheating Nvidia (NVDA) Tegra-powered Nintendo console sales may not get affected seriously of Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Console gaming is at a $33.5 billion/year industry. It is favorable to Microsoft and Sony in case the Nintendo’s new Switch gaming console is less successful. Gaming hardware, software, and services is under the business segment contributing the most to Sony’s top line.

A resurgent Nintendo challenging the duopoly, Sony/Microsoft on console gaming is interesting. However, MSFT and SNE shareholders are sure to wish that the Switch receives limited success.

Consistent sales of the Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles are placing Microsoft and Sony as the top video games companies. Last year, Nintendo was number 10. The Switch could boost Nintendo’s ranking by 2017 end. This, of course, will happen if there is no more overheating issues hounding the Switch.

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