US Survey Says, Thousands Of North Korean Laborers Are Present In Allied Gulf Nations

US Survey Says, Thousands Of North Korean Laborers Are Present In Allied Gulf NationsIn Dubai, UAE, a US survey on North Korea with the help of their intelligence agencies, they mentioned that though the North has become one of the frontest runners against the United States. And, moreover, the country is continuously building its nuclear missiles which let it threat the US.

The information on North Korea suggested that in every step of the country to progress in their nuclear capabilities is getting funds from the Middle East, but not directly, because there are thousands of laborers are working in the US-allied Arabian nations, and bringing money to the North. These developments are one of the various things that are concerned the United States.

There are many construction sites in the countries such as Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia, were in total thousands of workers from the Korean side are currently working there to earn money, and sent them back to North Korea.  These people live and work in the Arabian countries are forcibly staying there, as there were reports that the Arabs don’t provide enough them to eat and living in very harsh conditions plus physical abuses.

One of the most interesting developments in one of the Arab countries, the North Korean laborers helped in building an air base in the UAE for the US military, who went in the region to fight with Islamic States terrorists. Here the irony is the North Koreans are developing

infrastructure for the US in the Middle East, but also they want to destroy the USA.

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