3 strikes against Trump – will he be out?

3 strikes against Trump – will he be outPresident Donald Trump achieved something that was considered difficult by most people. Within 24 hours, he has been rebuked by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the chief scout executive for the Boy Scouts of America and the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

There is tension existing between ReincePriebus, White House Chief of Staff and Anthony Scaramucci, the new White House Communications Director and this new development has heaped more pressure onto the White House. The fact that this rebuke came from the military, an organization famed for promotion of patriotism and the Republican Party makes it worse.

The rebukes were worded very carefully, but they were unmistakably asking for the same thing. President Donald Trump should stop behaving as he is till now. The first of these rebukes refer to his treatment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Ever since Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, Trump has been lashing out at him, even threatening to remove him from his post. This has irked the Justice Department. Trump’s latest tweet that said transgender individuals are to be banned from military service has not gone well with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr. The third came from the leaders of the Boy Scouts after the President attended their National Jamboree. Here, he went on to criticize the former president Barrack Obama and his presidential elections rival, Hillary Clinton.

Though the three rebukes address different issues, they point to the same underlying fact. Trump needs to behave better, for he represents the entire nation.

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