New York Woman Convicted Of Killing Husband, With Help From Son

New York Woman Convicted Of Killing Husband, With Help From SonIn Rochester, New York, on Tuesday, a local woman has been convicted of killing her husband with the help from one of her sons, and now they are convicted by a city court, says a court official.

According to the report, which was placed by the state police, the court has sentenced a 46-year old Laura Rideout, and one of her child Colin Rideout was charged with second-degree murder after they killed 50-year old Craig Rideout. They killed Craig, but at first, they alienated him then killed him; afterward, they pour acid on his face to make it harder for the finders to identify him, and then the body was dumped in the woods by the mother and son duo.

The decomposed body of Craig was found by the police as wrapped in a trap about 40 miles from the town of Rochester, and it took much time for the police investigators to link to the mother and son duo in the killing. Later, another son of Laura and the brother of Colin were found guilty of evidence tampering, whose name is Alexander Rideout, who was acquitted of murder charges, along with the boyfriend of Laura, a 51-year old Paul Tucci, who also got acquitted in evidence tampering.

The investigators say that the victim Craig, was beaten very severely before they killed him by strangulation which was performed on July 20, 2016, and that was the time when Laura and Craig appeared for a divorce, as Craig find about his wife’s affair with Tucci.

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