Trump to rally in Ohio as People worry about Obama health care

Trump to rally in Ohio as People worry about Obama health carePresident Donald Trump is planning to visit Ohio on Tuesday as the U.S. Senate will vote if an open debate on legislation should be cancelled and replaced of the former President Barack Obama’s health care law.

Ohioans have mixed feelings about the efforts of Republicans. People relying on the assistance of the government are unable to get their night’s sleep worrying about their medical expenses, while others are hopeful they can get affordable things.

Trump, is scheduled to hold a rally in Youngstown Tuesday night, is urging Republicans to support an effort to cancel and replace the Obama’s statute.

Republican Ohio Sen. Rob Portman may be a key swing vote on the GOP legislation and is experiencing extreme pressure from both sides.

On Saturday, Vice President Mike Pence attended in Columbus the Ohio Republican Party’s annual fundraising dinner and urged GOP senators to eliminate Obama’s health care policies. And on Monday, Republican Gov. John Kasich, said the Senate should not “force a one-sided deal that the American people are clearly against.”

Darrell Price, 50, was born with cerebral palsy and in 2009 got his left hip replaced. He lives in subsidized housing in Cleveland, moves with a power wheelchair and depends on a Medicaid-funded assistant to wash him, dress him and cook meals, six hours a day, six days a week. Price is scared to death on hearing the Medicaid cuts going off. He has been emailing every week to the Portman’s office and also drove to protest as Pence visited to Columbus on Saturday.

Judy Martin, 72, “tosses and turns” in bed at night, wracked with worries about her medical bills. “I believe that Trump will take care of the little people,” Martin said.

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