Many Tennessee Inmates Agrees With Birth Control If Sentence Reduced

Many Tennessee Inmates Agrees With Birth Control If Sentence ReducedThe Tennessee authorities have organized a program which allows inmates will able to reduce its jail terms if they voluntarily undergo birth control surgeries, which has been passed by the court. This new program has seen multiple backlashes from many local attorneys as well many members from the American Civil Liberties Union, while there were many inmates from a Tennessee jail have signed to get the surgery done to reduce their sentence.

According to the General Sessions Judge Sam Benninfield, who signed the order in May this year, and gathered many criticisms when the news flashed by the media, but this time it seems his plan of preventing children born under drugs influence is working.

Benninfield said there would be jail term reduces as per a person’s sentence if he or she gets birth control surgery is done on them, which is not permanent. For men, agrees to do vasectomies surgeries and for women who agree to do Nexplanon implants, and all should be done in White County, will get their life in prison reduced by the court.

Benninfield said none of the birth control surgeries were permanent whereas, it draws many criticisms from the local media, as many argue that vasectomies are permanent in men, whereas, Nexplanon implants is not only for four years of impotence in women but it go more.

Despite all the backlashes and arguments against the court orders, the county officials say, there were 32 women, and 38 men have applied for the surgeries to reduce their sentences.

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