Fecal bacteria in drinks at chains are a red flag, a scientist explains

Fecal bacteria in drinks at chains are a red flag, a scientist explainsA recent BBC investigation found bacteria traces in samples of iced drinks from Burger King, KFC, and McDonald’s.

British investigators tested nearly 10 samples at each of the chains for the microbe’s traces of. KFC fared the worst, showing seven of its samples with positive signs of the bacteria. Burger King tested positive in six samples, and McDonald’s tested positive in three.

A Mc Donalds spokesperson told Business Insider there are no specific health standards with regards to ice production. The regulations that exist are unfrozen drinking water.

The findings have come a month after the investigation team found traces of fecal bacteria in iced drinks samples from Starbucks and other two popular UK coffee chains.

Burger king whopper

The fecal bacteria presence causes diarrhea when ingested and this may be a sign that it has nastier germs, said a microbiologist, Philip Tierno at New York University.

As it contains fecal bacteria it indicates there may be other pathogenic germs such as hepatitis A or Norovirus or Salmonella to make your sick, told Tierno to Business Insider.

It also suggests workers at the chains are are not really clean and they “have dirty bare hands,” he said.

In response to these reports, KFC shut down at the chains its ice machines that tested positive and has inspected and cleaned the ice machines in all the other locations across the UK, a spokesperson told Business Insider.

“This report is an opportunity to emphasize our training procedures and to ascertain all operations and safety standards upheld in the restaurants in all Burger King,” a Burger King representative told Business Insider.

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